One-to-One Plan

Osborne Nutrition are acutely aware that every individuals’ health situation and needs are different, so we are flexible with how we work with clients.  Alongside the successful Weight Loss Plans, Kaye offers a One to One consultancy – these include those with allergies,  seeking private weight loss guidance, hoping to reduce medication and more.

Initially you will need to have a chat to ensure that Nutritional Therapy is the right cause of action for you.  Once you are happy with this you will be asked to complete a  health questionnaire and food diary to enable Kaye to start building a picture about your lifestyle and nutritional situation. Specific functional testing, such as blood tests or stool analysis may be required and this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Consultation are available face to face or on Zoom

Price on Application 

Book a  free 20 minute consultation to discuss your health situation and goals